Praxxs provides consultants to support your strategy, pipeline, capture, proposal, and BD consulting needs.

Business Development Strategist

The business development strategists manages the entire Federal, State and Local government opportunity lifecycle, including short and long-term strategic growth planning; qualifying acquisition opportunities; productizing offerings; establishing strategic vendor and business partner relationships; developing win strategies and solutions; managing large scale capture and proposal efforts; determining price to win; and managing new business to maximize return on investment. They assist clients in organizational restructuring and operational delivery model alternatives to increase ability to adapt to changing market conditions.

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Their competencies include penetrating market “white space” via holistic campaigns that include strategic alliances, acquisitions, key hires, organic development, R&D and product investment and road mapping opportunities to Government initiatives. They enhance key market positioning and productize investments in emerging technologies as a means of achieving and exceeding corporate growth targets and market penetration. They also harmonize industry best practices with corporate legacy business development and capture capabilities and mentor and train business development and capture professionals

Capture Manager/Coach

The capture manager develops and communicates capture strategy to the sales team and makes sure it is implemented effectively, focusing primarily on the end customer’s needs and objective, the client’s capabilities, the competitive landscape, and the cost (both cost to win and cost of providing products and services). They assign specific duties to the team members, communicate expectations and responsibilities to each member of the team, and recruit teammates (both subcontractors and prime contractors) to successfully bid on projects. In addition, they coordinate and manage the bidding and proposal process, conducts research and use information compiled by the client’s staff to determine the best price and the best slate of services for the bid.

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As required by the client, they will meet with prospective customers to answer questions and discuss a possible contract. Included in their duties is ensuring appropriate contracts are signed by all parties involved in a new business deal. The capture manager understands every aspect of a business opportunity including the scope of the project, how many resources will be needed, the impact on schedules, competitive pricing and budget concerns. During the proposal phase, they will work with proposal developers to ensure that a top-notch proposal is submitted to the prospective client, including answering questions in the proposal and being involved in every phase. They will assign sections of the proposal to the appropriate experts on the team, and will conduct meetings to ensure the work on the proposal is moving forward quickly enough to meet the deadline. A senior capture manager has 10 or more years of capture experience.

Proposal Manager

The proposal manager is experienced in all phases of the proposal process. They are capable of leading the client’s integrated team members through mature management skills to develop, produce and deliver all proposal deliverables required by the solicitation. The proposal manager leads client efforts, client team members, and production staff toward the common goal. In addition, they establish proposal development processes, timelines, checkpoints, and reviews, and ensure that all proposal milestones are met and all reviews take place. The proposal manager is accountable to the client’s designated executive for the engagement. Senior proposal managers have 10 or more years of combined proposal management and project management experience.

Technical Writer

The technical writer is an individual with the experience to take technical and other important data developed by client subject matter experts and to refine and incorporate it in to the proposal text in a compliant and legible manner. They frequently conduct interviews and work closely with client technical experts to ensure a comprehensive and compliant response. The technical writer is skilled at incorporating win themes and strategies in appropriate locations in the text, and they are adept at writing introductory paragraphs that lead evaluators through the relevant section in a concise manner. Finally, they assist technical experts in developing graphics that convey the proposal theme or solution. A senior technical writer has 10 or more years of technical writing experience.

Resume Writer

The resume writer is a junior technical writer who focuses almost exclusively on preparing resumes. They may also assist in editing other sections of the proposal for consistency in style, voice, and flow. The resume writer is responsible for developing effective resumes that adhere to client requirements and relate the client personnel’s experience, capabilities, and value proposition in a compelling manner.

Solution Architect

Solution Architects develop management, technical, personnel, and past performance solutions that are compliant, address all Statement of Work (SOW) requirements and optimize cost and pricing objectives. 

Desktop Publishing Specialist

The desktop publishing specialist is experienced in desktop publishing of text and complex graphics customarily used in client proposal deliverables, orals or special demonstrations. They are capable of suggesting unique methods of expressing concepts and win themes from rough draft material through to final products.

Color Reviewer

Responsible for leading color review teams to review proposal for compliance, responsiveness, and ease of review; to provide constructive criticism and recommendations for improvements; lead the review team in an efficient manner in order to accommodate review schedule; and develop necessary pre-planning materials to ensure that reviews are conducted in a structured environment (e.g., review orientation packages, evaluation guides, evaluation forms, formal debrief packages).

Subject Matter Expert

Working collaboratively with your BD team, the subject matter expert (SME) exhibits the highest level of expertise in performing a specialized job, task, or skill. The SME is typically an expert in a technology, a program, a system, a product, a discipline, or a process. The SME may also have agency-specific knowledge relating to a particular program or initiative within a specific agency, military service branch, or customer.

Orals Proposal Manager/Coach

The orals proposal manager/coach works directly with the capture manager, proposal manager, and orals presenters to bring targeted aspects of the proposal into the presentation. They work closely with graphic artists to develop a presentation template (typically in PowerPoint) to reflect the theme, color pallet, and image of the main proposal.

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The orals proposal manager/coach defines the flow, structure, and timing of the orals presentation, ensuring compliance with RFP requirements at all times. In addition to content, they train the team on effective public presentation skills, including techniques to manage anxiety, mastery of proposal and project details, and to improve speaking skills. They will use techniques such as video recording rehearsals and working with the team to address weaknesses. The orals proposal manager/coach will host and facilitate rehearsals as often as necessary to ensure the presentation team is confident and the presentation is seamless.

Volume Lead/Book Boss

The volume lead or book boss is experienced in all of the technical or management aspects of the services being provided and has working knowledge of the procuring agency. They are responsible for the creation of the proposal volumes and exhibits that articulate the technical solution developed by client staff or team members. They ensure the win perspective is included in the proposed solution – content, compliance, tone, and marketing strategy.

Past Performance Writer

The past performance writer is a junior technical writer who focus almost exclusively on preparing resumes and writing past performance citations. They may also assist in editing other sections of the proposal for consistency in style, voice, and flow. The past performance writer is responsible for developing effective corporate capabilities and past performance sections. They ensure the past performance description sections adhere to client requirements and relate the client’s solution and value proposition in a compelling manner.

Proposal Coordinator

The proposal coordinator is responsible for all administrative aspects of proposal development, ensuring security and integrity of all proposal documentation, coordinating internal flow and review of all proposal inputs, and directing production of final master proposal.

Graphic Designer

The graphic artist prepares graphics and keys sketch drawings and concepts. They also help authors determine how best to present ideas in charts, graphs, figures, and similar images. They prepare cover art and spines for the proposal. Graphic artists typically work with software tools such as Adobe Illustrator, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Visio. 

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Graphic designers help to create a range of typical proposal charts, figures, and drawings. In addition, senior graphic designers develop graphical concepts that use capture and proposal artifacts and recommended technical solutions and offerings to lead in visualizing and creating art and graphic models that best capture and answer the bid requirements visually. They also prepare specialty figures such as renderings, elevations, exploded drawings, cutaways, and other images.

Technical Editor

The technical editor is responsible for revising text to meet the Chicago Manual of Style editorial standards (e.g., grammar, structure, punctuation), and improving flow, continuity, and consistency of text while maintaining original integrity through reorganization, rewriting, and cutting as necessary.